5 simple exercises to strengthen the core - Dr. Connie Jeon
Hello, my name is Connie Jeon.
Last week, I talked about how health seems so elusive due to information overload.
When thinking about making healthy changes, you should start with the basics.
The reality is that all of us have the most amazing bodies that are capable of regulating themselves.  It’s beyond our comprehension what they’re capable of.
We just need to respect our body’s physiology and help it to do what it’s designed to do. Previously I discussed how important it is to:
1. Move without pain.
2. Sleep without disturbance.
3. Nourish your cells with food.
In order to do these, it is essential to help our cells metabolize. Well, how do we do this? We focus on getting the right nutrients to our cells so that our body can function at its best. And we build the right muscles so that we can help the cells in our muscles to “metabolize”.
You see, most of life happens in flexion.  Flexion = hunched shoulders, seated, bent forward from your waist.
Over time, it doesn’t serve our basic structure.  You end up with disc disease, degeneration, disc herniation, and arthritis. My practice thrives because so many of you end up in physical therapy.
To help you understand, let’s think about our homes. We all know that it needs a  strong “foundation” to withstand the assaults of weather and wind, right? To put into perspective, if you were to build your house on sand, when a severe storm with strong winds blows, what would happen to your home?  Most likely blow over, right?
In the same way, our bodies need good foundation.  Have you heard of the “power house” or the “core”? I know most of you envision six pack abs when I speak of the core, but it’s more than that. The core consists of four muscles that hold our foundation “together” to protect our spine through movement or lack of movement. Truth is, most of you have lost the “connection” with your core.
I’ve treated thousands of patients with pain in my practice, and this is the root cause of herniated discs, low back or neck pain, knee pain, shoulder injuries, you name it.
It’s really important to note that our “core” is the ultimate foundation for our body that supports every movement. The “core” stability is what allows for safe shoulder, hip, elbow, knee, and ankle movements. The most elite athletes rely on this.
It’s a set of postural muscles that does not require a movement or effort to activate.  In other words, if you are standing or sitting against gravity, it should activate on its own.
However, due to our increasingly sedentary lifestyle (working on a computer for hours and driving everywhere, even to the gyms), we’ve lost the connection with our foundational musculature that serves as the nuts and bolts of our body.
I want to emphasize the importance of three facets of healing.
1. Functional Movement
2. Functional Nutrition
3. Functional Mind
The body needs to move in order to move energy and promote healthy metabolism. You also need to feed your body good nutrients to be able to move without limitations or pain. And most importantly, you need a strong mind to drive proper behavior to enable you to move and eat the right way to continue to create health.
So with that, I want to “show” you 5 potent exercises that will give you the most bang for your buck….
I realize you are busy, we are all pressed for time.  You also need to know that healthy habits don’t require much time, they just need commitment from you doing them every day until they become a habit.
I find that if you “know” the benefits and if it doesn’t require too much time, you will more likely follow through.  These exercises will help you
Burn fat, tone your muscles, improve posture, look years younger, move pain free, make you stronger, and improve your balance
I hope you follow through and commit to your health by performing these 5 simple exercises daily.
Please share with those who can use, that’s pretty much everyone you know!
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Thanks for tuning in. See you next week


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