Who I am

A passionate holistic health entrepreneur obsessed with bridging the gap between sick care and healthcare. 

A Lupus Rebel who practices, struggles, and applies everything she teaches.

A Doctor who believes healing is an inside job.

An educated health care practitioner who is sick and tired of the bureaucracies of the sick care system.

A Health Rebel who is always finding ways to learn so she can break the rules and make it better, faster, and effective.


Want to be effective, efficient, and create serious results in your business and life?


I’m an expert patient who’s lived with Lupus for over two decades.  I’ve had to piece together my own “healthcare” because our “sick care” system had serious limits.

I am obsessed with helping people find their true healing power from within.  

A passionate practitioner who’s mastered the art and science of delivering effective healthcare.  

I dedicated over 15 years learning all I can about business so I can create the life of my dreams.   

The life of my dreams allows me to take time for self care, self regard, and self love.  It provides me with passive income where I don’t have to trade my hours for dollars.

Business doesn’t have to be hard.  We have so many tools to grow our business, it only requires your commitment to change healthcare.

Patients want to work with healthy Doctors, not stressed to the max holistic practitioners.  

I want to help you to create a successful business that allows you to be the healthiest version of you.