Alkaline Yoga Certification Questionnaire - Connie Jeon

Alkaline Yoga Certification Questionnaire

Thanks For Your Interest In The Alkaline Yoga School 

To be considered for The Alkaline Yoga Certification program we need to request some information from you.

This is to ensure we maintain the highest standards of care to our patients and to ensure we're a good fit.

Please complete the questionnaire below in full in order for us to consider your application:

Alkaline Yoga Training Application

Yoga is more than just beautiful poses.  It is a journey of personal growth, healing, & self-love.

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This training will help you to tap into your creativity, find your own voice, and to give you the “confidence” to teach, educate, and inspire your students from a powerful yoga-healing foundation.

This training is appropriate for the serious student who would like to start teaching yoga, as well as the student who would like to deepen their own knowledge & personal practice. You will be transformed both in mind, spirit, and body and as a result start to do the same for others. You will be empowered, confident, and most importantly be authentically YOU. I look forward to being the “guide” in your healing journey!

Dr. Connie

I Would Like More Info.  Please Call Me.

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