Through years of formal education, I learned about the human body. I thought I knew the workings of the body, including physiology, motions, and nutritional needs.

Then I got sick.

I was not a “text book” case.  My diagnosis threw me off course with my carefully planned life.

All logic was thrown out the door as I embarked on my healing journey.

I explored Western Medicine, Eastern Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Yoga, Meditation, etc. You name it, I tried it.

Each intervention offered me something to “try”.  However, it only provided me with answers that were aligned with that specific intervention’s methodology.

Come to find out after two decades of being both a clinician and a patient, what I needed was a way to connect to myself.

Limitations of the Medical System

Rumi said it best: “we carry inside wonders that we seek outside of us.”

I believe the problem with our healthcare system is that it’s built on dependency. Dependency on meds, practitioners, services, and intervention.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times when we absolutely need this kind of care, especially in acute situations or with severe diseases.

But when it comes to chronic illness, the solutions are free because we have the solution within us.

The solution starts with the patient taking responsibility for his or her own health and learning to listen to what their body is signaling.

Mind-Body Connection is Key

I ignored my body’s desperate signals that told me how wrong things were. I ignored these signals until I couldn’t anymore.

My body reprimanded me with alopecia (extreme hair loss with bald spots), severe fatigue, weakness, and rashes on my face and body that I couldn’t hide.

I was searching for answers outside of me.

My 20 year search finally led me to understand that sickness and healing are two sides of the same coin.

I believe the fundamental problem with increasing incidence of chronic disease in the world today is due to lack of self awareness.

We are constantly bombarded with input from technology so much so that it’s impossible to tune inward.

The future of healthcare is within every one of us.  I believe it’s our duty to teach our patients how to manage their powerful brains by understanding the workings of their bodies and minds.

How about if we think about healthcare and medicine in a whole new way?

Rather than looking for the problem, how about we start with empowering patients on how to own their own bodies and minds?

This means all the didactic knowledge that you’ve acquired in medical training and beyond needs to temporarily take a back seat.  You yourself must align your mind and body so you can be a good steward of your body first and foremost before you share your experience with your patients.

This is the most authentic and sustainable healthcare for all.

Experience vs Theoretical Knowledge

I compare the information I learned at my trainings to drinking from a fire hydrant. So much information was being delivered in a short amount of time.

We were locked into a conference center with blasting AC, taking notes like sardines in a can. I don’t think this is very conducive to creating health for ourselves.

I want to change how I practice healthcare in order to heal my chronic disease. Then I want to share my experience in managing my mind, body, emotions, and actions, and how this gets my closer to my health goals, with my patients.

Because in my experience, no matter how much I may know and share with my patients, unless they take action and do the thing that will help them to get to destination health, nothing changes.

Even if something does change and they do get better, the change is not sustainable because we didn’t provide them with the tools they need to keep themselves from relapse.  It’s all in minding their health.

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