It’s been the scariest thing watching everything about the coronavirus unfold in the last couple of days.

Making quick decisions on whether to keep my business open or not was keeping me up at night.  The hardest part was not knowing what the future holds for the business. I can’t help but to think about what the implications are for me and my family.

Then I realized I was reacting from a place of fear.  I had to sit, meditate, and coach myself through to get clarity over what needs to happen.

I’ve made the decision today to close for two weeks for the time being. After that, I told myself I’d figure it out as I go.

I kept “thinking” about how I didn’t know what to do in this situation. But by thinking this, I kept validating the fact that I didn’t know instead of coming up with a solution.

But when I switched my thought to “I will figure it out and make a decision”, then I was able to figure out a contingency plan to take my business online.

All this to say that this uncertain time regarding the coronavirus can be a huge opportunity if you look for it.  If you choose to dwell in the negativity, all you’ll get is proof of how bad things really are.

So if you‘re a business owner who’s stuck on what the next best thing to do is, then ask yourself better questions.

Your brain has all the answers it needs to uncover a potential opportunity in the midst of this chaos and uncertainty.

This is how entrepreneurs think.

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