Health Care or Sick Care? - Dr. Connie Jeon


Today I want to talk about how to navigate the healthcare system when you are seeking answers to your symptoms.

What prompted this vlog was that it’s a common thread among the patients that I meet on a daily basis.

 To be clear, I am not talking about minor symptoms such as a common cold, sinus infection, etc.  I’m talking about symptoms that really scare you.

 Such symptoms often prevent you from performing at your normal level.  Whether it be severe fatigue that prevents you from your work, digestive problems that are causing you to question the foods you eat, or intolerable pain that scares you.

 In most cases most seek their primary care physician and get referred to multiple specialists to try to hone in on the problem.

My patients are often frustrated as they’ve seen multiple specialists, poked and prodded, various tests performed, and in some cases multiple surgeries to get rid of pain.  Oh, and let me not forget that their medication list has grown with each specialist.

Sad part is that the results are often inconclusive.

This is usually where my patients find me to try to find a SOLUTION to their problem.

So let’s just start out by clearly defining the role of a medical provider.

Primary care physicians or internists are typically your “gate keepers”.  If the symptoms are minor, then they triage patients so that  they route and refer them where they need to go.

However, if they suspect that your symptoms may be more than a minor symptom, then you’ll be referred to a specialist.

That’s when the testing, medications, and lots of waiting begin.

I too have been there.

Medical care today is really “sick care”, it’s not “health care”.

I’ve met very few physicians that ask the right questions.  Questions about your eating habits, stress levels, quality of your relationships, and sleeping patterns that may have a play in your symptoms.  You know, questions about the “essence” of who you are.

They are trained to look for the dysfunction and then to provide a immediate solution, typically in a form of a pill or surgery.  But it’s not that simple.

I’m recording this for you today because I feel that it’s so important that you have a shift in perspective about your health.

I want to help you to OWN your health.

Because the truth is, the DOCTORS don’t have long term answers to your health.  They have a solution to MANAGE your symptoms and you know what, they do that exceptionally well.

They know  about dysfunction and the disease process that affect your body.  They understand the symptoms of disease and can offer you relief from those symptoms.  I am so thankful for my doctors because they saved my life!

However, once the symptoms and the scares settle down,  it’s completely up to you to keep your body well AND prevent disease.

Whether you’re suspecting that something’s not right with you or you are beyond frustrated with the medical system, you need to gauge where you are.

So, ask yourself the following questions to uncover your obstacles to your health.

1.  What’s keeping you from making your  health a priority?

Truth is, success is 80% mindset and 20% behavior.  Consider where your mindset is when it comes to taking charge of your health.  Amid the responsibilities, circumstances, and to do lists that pile up daily, it’s vital that you actively engage in activities that help your body rather than harm your body.  Is it work?  Family?  Lack of time?  Fatigue?  Take the time to write them down.

2.  What can you do daily to be healthier?

For example,  rather than sitting back and watching TV, you may want to go for a walk.  Or schedule a time to exercise and get your body moving.  Or skip that sugar ridden dessert.  Your turn, write them down….

3.  What excuses do you have for taking a back seat when it comes to your health?

Whether it’s confusion, resistance, or lack of motivation, it takes a wake up call for most of us to catapult us out of our comfort zone, i.e..  medical scare to change our behavior.

Remember, without health, NOTHING matters……money, fame, success…..NOTHING matters.  I’ve been there.  More and more I am seeing younger patients in my office with more medical problems than their parents.  In some cases, their symptoms are so bad that they had to be pulled out of school!

And my successful executive patients?  Their lives after retirement doesn’t look so good.  Their plans to travel freely is out the door.  In some cases, they are bedridden and barely able to get through the day.

Please don’t let this be you.  Health is not to be taken for granted.  If you have no symptoms as you are watching this, I urge you to defend it, subscribe to my channel and I’ll show you how.

If you are one seeking answers to your symptoms and don’t want another pill for your ill, then subscribe to my channel and I’ll show you the way to vitality and health.

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Thanks for watching, tune in next week!

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