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Probiotics and Their Impact on Our Microbiome

Hi everyone, Dr. Connie here. Lately I’ve been so busy as I prepare to send my oldest son off to high school. I’ve also been training my yoga certification students, teaching them to become safe and knowledgeable yoga teachers. With all this going on, it’s inevitable that I’ve been stressed. When I become stressed, I […]

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Beware of the Juice Cleanse and Other Unsafe Detoxes

Hey everyone, last week we talked about inflammatory foods to eliminate from your diet and why this is helpful in promoting health, and ultimately preventing inflammation. Today I’d like to talk about the specific detox pathways and why it’s important to consume an abundance of micronutrients and phytonutrients to ensure “safe” detox. There are serious […]

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How to Detox Using the Laws of Nature

Hi! It’s Dr. Connie here. Last week I talked about the potential toxins we are exposed to everyday. We discussed the importance of being “aware” of the toxins in our lives.  It’s a problem that has become infused into our daily lives that we live completely oblivious to, but the issue is that they do […]

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What Toxins Are You Putting Into Your Body?

Hello, its Connie here. Since being back from vacation with my kids, I’ve been sick in bed with the worst flu I’ve ever had! Living with a chronic condition, I’m sort of used to being in pain, but the sickness from this recent flu was humbling to say the least. I realize how much we take health […]

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10 Signs You May Have an Autoimmune Disease

Hi, I’m Dr. Connie Jeon. As most of you may know, the subject of autoimmunity is near and dear to my heart. We are currently in the midst of an autoimmune epidemic.  Incidence of autoimmune disease has increased threefold over the past 50 years, and they affect over 75 million Americans.  They are also the third […]

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Reversing Magnesium Deficiency to Improve ADHD

Hi, Dr. Connie here. Last week, I talked about the importance of reversing trace mineral imbalances of copper and zinc to reduce behavioral symptoms and limiting the use of mind altering medications, considering them only as a last resort solution. Today, I want to talk about another nutrient that should be considered by all healthcare providers, […]

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What is Endometriosis Disease

Hi everyone, Connie Jeon here. As a women’s health specialist, I see a diverse range of issues, from simple urinary incontinence to severe endometriosis or PCOS. Within the last week, I’ve seen three patients, two of which couldn’t conceive because of endometriosis and one that is experiencing so much fatigue she can’t finish school. The […]

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