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What is Lupus?

Hi Everyone,  I’m Dr. Connie, and today I want to talk about a topic that is near and dear to my heart. Lupus. It’s been 19 years since being diagnosed with this terrible disease, but I feel we’ve come a long way in understanding this disease that affects over 5 million people worldwide. Lupus is […]

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Is An Alkaline Diet Beneficial?

Hi, I’m Dr. Connie. We are having great weather here in Georgia. It is finally feeling like spring is in the air.  This is great, except the pollen has gotten me in a funk lately.   My younger son is extremely allergic to pollen. Recently I purchased the Navage, which is a netty pot that […]

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Natural ways to heal low back pain

Hi, I’m Dr. Connie Jeon. So over the weekend I needed to complete some projects, which meant I was in front of the computer longer than I needed to be. Once I stood up, I had this unusual low back stiffness. And in truth, I’ve been having on and off low back pain for a […]

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Are You Experiencing a Neurotransmitter Imbalance?

Hi, my name is Connie Jeon and today I want to talk about neurotransmitters and your health. Before we get started, I want you to ask yourselves: Do you suffer from anxiety or depression? Do you struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep throughout the night? Men, is your libido compromised? Women, do you dread the weeks […]

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