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Do you really need pain medications?

Hi everyone, Last week we discussed nutrient deficiencies caused by various types of medications. Today, I want to talk specifically about the long term effects of pain medications. Before we dive into the topic today, I want to share my dad’s story. Last week, my dad came into my office complaining of severe neck and […]

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What is the Gut Brain?

Last week we talked about osteoporosis and the myths surrounding it.  We clarified that osteoporosis is not a bone disease, but a collagen disease. We also discussed the importance of exercise, vitamin D, antioxidants and nutrient absorption in preventing osteoporosis. Today, I want to talk more about our gut and how it affects everything from […]

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Truth about Osteoporosis

Last week, I spoke of how inflammation breeds dis-ease and imbalance in our bodies so much so that our internal thermostat breaks. I talked about how you can decrease inflammation in your body by eating foods high in anti-oxidants, controlling your blood sugar levels, improving your metabolism by eating food that are anti-inflammatory, and finally […]

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How posture affects your mindset

Recently I was having a session with a patient and we got to talking about how posture dictates how you feel and how you will be perceived by other people. But with so much stimulation biding for your attention digitally, it’s no wonder that we as a nation have a crumbling posture.  Not only do […]

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