Is your gut balanced?

Hi Everyone!

I hope all of you had a great thanksgiving.

I enjoyed my time with my family in Maryland this year and boy was the food good!

After our delicious thanksgiving dinner, I was enjoying my time with my brother near the fire pit that he created, watching my boys indulge in SMORES.

Their excited faces filled with pure delight as they made smores over the fire pit got me thinking about what an iconic ritual this is that brings us together to allow us to feel connected.

Many patients and friends “assume” that I only feed “healthy” foods for my boys.  

In truth, I used to be that mom who was the food police that took the fun out of eating.  

 I would politely decline the snacks after my boys soccer or baseball games, and when invited over to friends and family homes, would be very selective about what we were willing to eat.  Which in retrospect, was so rude of me.

To think that I used to be that person in the room that zapped the fun out of the good times.  

So today, I want to come clean and let you know that I do indulge at times.  

I love my apple pie a’la mode, love, love, love, my wine…..and strong brewed, fresh cup of coffee in the mornings.

I don’t believe in deprivation, I believe we are all entitled to satisfy our cravings at times, and eating doesn’t have to feel so restrictive to feel healthy.  

I DO believe in self awareness and control.  It all comes down to BALANCE. 

What do I mean?

For those of you who gardens, you know that we need to seed, weed, and feed.

We need just the right amount of ecological balance in the soil for it to be productive enough to support the plants that you want to cultivate.

The productive soil has between 100 million to 1 billion bacteria to metabolically stay viable.  It is able to digest, decompose, and support the plant by providing the right amount of ph balance and ecology to help sustain the life of the plants.

Then you have weeds that grow out of control, taking the nutrients away from the plants that you want to grow.  So you need to weed to sustain the life of the cultivated plants, otherwise, the weeds will compete for nutrients and ultimately can potentially make the cultivated plants sick.  

Similarly, we need this BALANCE in our gut.

Because we are more complicated than the plants, there are more components to this.

Let’s talk about digestion.  

I can’t emphasize the importance of eating at the table.  What do I mean?  Be PRESENT when you eat.

Savor the flavors, anticipate, and chew deliberately when eating.

Did you know that the anticipation of eating starts the digestive process?  We start to produce digestive enzymes in preparation for eating.    Enzymes are what helps us to biochemically “break” down our foods so that our body can use it for fuel.

It is scientific that 70% of immune system is in the gut.

So what does this mean?

Our gut serves as a barrier to the outside world.  To keep the bad out and absorb the good in.  

However, we all know that the foods that we eat are not always the good.  In addition, we’ve been a antibiotic crazed nation and got an antibiotic since we were in the wombs of our mothers.  

So the defense mechanism has been compromised and are compromised every day.  

We live in modern times.  The food system won’t change over night.  So this means that we need to deliberately help our own bodies back to balance by consciously making an effort to be well and stay well.

When our gut is compromised as mentioned due to processed foods, additives, hormones and antibiotics in animals, and antibiotic use, we become susceptible to outside germs.  

Such germs then infiltrate our guts and in many cases, they become the weeds in our gut.

So the digestive issues that you have such as heart burn, acid reflux, weight gain, pain, fatigue, and host of other issues?  You can attribute it to your gut health or lack of it.

Think of your gut as the weed garden.  The good plants you want to cultivate can’t survive because the weeds are sucking all the nutrients and you become outnumbered.  So the sick plants start to manifest as lack of energy, weight gain for weeds growing, digestive discomfort, autoimmune dysfunction, and often pain.

Let me tell you about Kathy.  She comes to me after years of struggling to lose weight.  After the scales tipped 160 lbs in her petite frame, she decided to seek help.   

She was eating a healthy diet, exercising 3 hours a day, and drinking plenty of water.  

Her life revolved around losing weight and it was slowly taking a toll because after the initial 10 lbs of weight loss, the scale remained the same despite the frantic exercise and almost starvation.

So I recommended a metabolic detox ( weeding) by incorporating gut healing immunoglobulins, therapeutic probiotics, ample micronutrients, and told  her to decrease exercise.

Within a week, she lost over 10 lbs and continues to lose.

This is because once the gut was balanced again, it is then able to utilize the foods as energy source, rather than feeding it to the bad guys.

Her metabolism improved and health restored.

She now is confident and in control.  Boy talk about a transformation.

To recap, whether you are trying to simply lose weight or want to feel better from host of symptoms, start with the gut.  

Are you SEEDING the right intent,  WEEDING  out the bad, and  FEEDING the right bacteria?

Root cause of most health issues begin in the gut.  Gut permeability= inflammatory process that triggers the immune system.  

If you are out of balance, key thing to do is to bring it back to balance again.

What do you do?

  • Take good quality (live) probiotics.  Remember that the supplements are not regulated.  Don’t trust any supplements without asking the right questions.  
  1. How do they manufacture, where do their raw ingredients come from?, 
  2. Are the third party tested for quality?  
  3. Where’s the research?
  4. Does it contain what it says it contains?   How do you know?
  • Eat at the table, be mindfully present and savor the flavors, smell, texture, and enjoy.
  • Chew slowly to enable the digestive enzymes to be most effective.
  • Drink water slowly.
  • Choose healthy most of the time.
  • Cultivate self control and aim for balance.

If you do above, you can manage the SMORES from time to time, have that dessert,  enjoy your wine and savor your coffee.

I encourage you to eat to thrive!  If you want to join my FREE introductory Alkaline Detox course, click here.

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