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by | Aug 13, 2017 | Business, Health, Lifestyle, Mindfulness, Success Strategy

As a Lupus patient with three serious flares that threatened my life, I’d say I have a healthy appreciation for sickness.

For over two decades, I’ve been trying to take the leap of faith in my business but it wasn’t until recently that I noticed a self sabotaging tendency in me.

I am capable, competent, and confident in who I am.  But there’s an inner voice who is always trying to talk me down.  Its the voice that secretly makes me interpret other people’s behaviors as something very negative.

It’s that voice that tells me just how unworthy, incapable, and incompetent I am.  But I’ve been working on this for a while now and this site is the consequence of that work.

I finally have clarity around who, what, how, and why I do what I do.  I like working with ambitious women like myself who can dare greatly as said best by Brene Brown.  

I want to show up not caring about what anybody else thinks about me, or what I ought or should do.  I only want to honor my inner voice and respect what I want.

So I think a lot about what it means to live life to the fullest.  As a single mom, a lupus patient, and an entrepreneur, I do have a full life.

I don’t have much wiggle room in my time.  So I’d like to reach out and create something super useful for those of you who need my guidance on creating the life, health, and business of your dreams.

I am on this path.  I will be the living example of what’s possible because my inner voice is constantly telling me why I shouldn’t and can’t do what I really want to do.

What I want is deep connection with amazing women entrepreneurs who have inside of them big dreams of living a life that matters.

I want to change the face of healthcare.  I want to create meaningful solutions for patients to live out their best lives by teaching them how it’s done. 

Not because I’m an expert, but because they have the power within them to do just that.

Are you with me to live the life to the fullest?  Let’s be the change we want to see in this world.  If you are dissatisfied with the conventional medical system, join me.

Let’s make a ruckus and show them exactly what health looks like.  


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