My Credentials - Connie Jeon

My Credentials

Bringing Art and Science Into Your Healing Journey

In my 16 years as a clinician, I've found that knowledge itself doesn't help my patients, it's the "connection" that is formed when you, as my patient, are "listened" to and provided with a course of treatment that works best for you.

Beyond the connections that I make with my patients, I am uniquely qualified to help you due to my rigorous, professional training and credentialing of the highest standards:

Allows me to understand the complex neuro-musculoskeletal system with a focus on prevention and holistic healing to enhance your health.  I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus during my last year of my Doctoral studies.

Functional Medicine Certified Practioner 

(Certification Pending March 2017)

I am able to apply a holistic approach to your condition so that we treat the root cause of your symptoms once and for all.

Motivation to pursue training in Functional Medicine was a personal one.  After years of being subject to Conventional Medicine, I found a way to holistically "HEAL".​

I am able to apply a holistic approach to your condition so that we treat the root cause of your symptoms once and for all.  My training is "evidence based" and is much more than an online Nutrition course.  It is the "GOLD STANDARD" in the Nutritional Field.

​I've practiced yoga for over 26 years.  It was during my 3rd relapse of my disease that I deepened my practice by getting certified.

The practice of yoga helped me to overcome my condition, shift my perspective, and allowed me to functionally heal. The spiritual practice of meditation opened up a new way to live, in a state of bliss.    I can "SHOW" you how you can do the same.  

Allows me to use food, nutraceuticals and herbals for holistic healing and health.

Pilates Method Alliance Certified Pilates Teacher

Certified Pilates- Master Trainer​

It was during my second relapse that I decided to get certified in Pilates. I was always intrigued by the practice of Pilates as a modality to teach patients how to "tune" into their body and deepen their Neuro-Muscular connection.

Pilates allowed me to regain sense of motor control and improve tone and posture, especially after pregnancy.  

Yoga had a profound effect on me as a student, teacher, patient, and healer.  I found that suffering is a universal struggle among those that I heal and teach.  I wanted a way to connect and "TRANSFORM" my students so that they may experience and tap into their  true essence and begin to not only "HEAL", but  "THRIVE" in life.  

Baccalaureate of Arts in Psychology

I was fascinated with human behavior, more importantly, how our thoughts  trigger neuro-chemical variations that can ultimately affect our feelings.  

This background in psychology allows me to "connect" with patients to enhance their healing.

Macrobiotic Counselor

Desperate for answers, I wanted to study the science and art of creating a diet specific to one's health status and needs.  By assessing the health status of a patient, an energy appropriate diet and lifestyle is prescribed to the patient.  I applied the principals of its methods to heal during my third relapse.