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Natural ways to heal low back pain

Hi, I’m Dr. Connie Jeon. So over the weekend I needed to complete some projects, which meant I was in front of the computer longer than I needed to be. Once I stood up, I had this unusual low back stiffness. And in truth, I’ve been having on and off low back pain for a […]

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Are You Experiencing a Neurotransmitter Imbalance?

Hi, my name is Connie Jeon and today I want to talk about neurotransmitters and your health. Before we get started, I want you to ask yourselves: Do you suffer from anxiety or depression? Do you struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep throughout the night? Men, is your libido compromised? Women, do you dread the weeks […]

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What is the Gut Brain?

Last week we talked about osteoporosis and the myths surrounding it.  We clarified that osteoporosis is not a bone disease, but a collagen disease. We also discussed the importance of exercise, vitamin D, antioxidants and nutrient absorption in preventing osteoporosis. Today, I want to talk more about our gut and how it affects everything from […]

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Truth about Osteoporosis

Last week, I spoke of how inflammation breeds dis-ease and imbalance in our bodies so much so that our internal thermostat breaks. I talked about how you can decrease inflammation in your body by eating foods high in anti-oxidants, controlling your blood sugar levels, improving your metabolism by eating food that are anti-inflammatory, and finally […]

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Understanding Inflammation

As we start the new year, I realize many of you are thinking about a new year’s resolution.  Last week, we talked about the importance of commitment vs resolution.  I mentioned that you shouldn’t rely on will power and deprivation, which to me is the essence of a “resolution”. Rather, you should decide to “commit” […]

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