Inflammation is the root cause of many of your symptoms.
With Christmas behind us, now we can start to focus on ending the year with closure and starting the year with a new focus.
It’s the most heartfelt time of the year for me because lots of changes took place in the last two years and it meant some friendships needed to end and new boundaries were set for some family members of mine.
All in all great changes were made, but with change, we all experience sadness and anxiety to an extent, at least I do.
This past Christmas weekend, we were playing a game of dominoes and after the game, my younger son, lined up the dominoes in a “c” curve and knocked one down and of course all the dominoes began to fall.
 This got me thinking about the domino effect, which is the cumulative effect produced when one event sets off a chain of similar events. Similar to the domino effect, I want to talk today about the “inflammatory” effect in our bodies.
Yesterday, I had to explain to a young woman patient of mine who was struggling for years with low back pain, irregular periods, and gastritis.  Not only that, she was diagnosed with Type I diabetes and hypothyroidism.  And in her early 20’s she had low back surgery due to disc degeneration.
So the ultimate reason for her visit was her endometriosis, which was causing severe pelvic pain in addition to her low back pain.  She was offered surgery to remove all the adhesions and she asked for an alternative solution before going under the knife.  Her doctor recommended her to come see me.
Those who don’t know what endometriosis is, it’s a condition where the endometrium, the tissue that lines the inside of a woman’s uterus grows outside of the uterus.  This tissue thickens and breaks down and bleeds with every menstrual cycle.  However, since this tissue has been displaced outside of the uterus, it can form cysts around the ovaries, which are called endometriomas. These endometriomas can irritate the tissue and form scar tissue and adhesions, causing pelvic tissues and organs to stick to one another, which we call “frozen pelvis”.
This can cause severe pelvic pain which can be debilitating and can cause continued bleeding.  My patient wanted answers from me specific to her endometriosis.  However, I told her that the we needed to look at her condition more globally.
To do that, we needed to focus on what is “fueling” her inflammation, which is the root cause of all her symptoms, including endometriosis, gastritis, and low back pain.
As I mentioned, She also was diagnosed with Type I diabetes at 18 years of age, and hypothyroidism. As a result, she was placed on multiple medications including “anti-inflammatories” to ease pain, zantac to keep her gastritis from flaring due to her anti-inflammatory medications,  insulin shots for her diabetes, and synthetic thyroid for her hypothyroidism, and hormones to control bleeding.
To add to her growing list of symptoms, she was developing high blood pressure. So here’s what I told her.
I told her that she was born with a certain set of genes, it’s the deck of cards we were all dealt.  It’s how you play with your deck of cards in terms of lifestyle choices, from eating healthy-unhealthy, stress levels, exercise, daily habits, etc that will turn on the dormant sick genes and up regulate the inflammation, in a similar way as the domino effect I referenced earlier.
Our bodies have a miraculous way of trying hard to balance itself.  It’s when there are overwhelming insults, caused by toxins from unhealthy foods, stress, and overall bad habits, that our bodies tend to up regulate the inflammatory pathways to fight off the insults.
When the body starts to deteriorate and lose the battle, it breaks and reacts by forming adhesions, in some cases cancer cells, cysts, or turns on itself (autoimmunity).
Solution?  Isn’t it intuitive that you would want to strengthen the host, YOU, by healing the gut, giving it nutrients to strengthen its army (our immune system), and natural anti-inflammatories in a form of vitamins and nutrients that the body lacks to resolve this imbalance?
In my opinion, adding medications for each symptom often “fuels” the fire, which is the inflammation.  Yes, some of us need medications to keep our disease under control, but I believe that shouldn’t be the only thing that you are doing to help your body fend off disease.
I believe in taking responsibility for our bodies.  Believe me, no one else will.  Those of you who’s experienced being sick know that no body understands your pain like you do.
So coming back to the domino effect, which effect would you want to occur in your body?  It can tip two ways, causing more “dis- ease”or “ease and balance”?
I created  a simple life changing process, a step by step protocol to hold your hand through making some changes in your life.  And yes!  Your mind will resist you, but that’s why I’ve made the process easier by making it step by step so that you can follow easily and follow through long term.
Visit to get started today!!   It’s a free course I’ve created to get you on your way to lose weight, feel better, and keep it off.
As we look to the new year, I wanted to challenge you to think about everything you are feeding your body.  We are inundated with so much stimulation, when with so much input, our minds become frazzled and paralysis sets in.  So as we approach the new year, perhaps be mindful of what you take in:  what you watch, what you hear, what you think, what you eat, how you exercise, and who you choose to be around.  Remember you choose what you take in.
So, how exactly do you want to play dominos this coming year? Please leave me comments and questions, love to hear from you. See you next week.
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