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Alkaline Yoga Certification

My mission is to empower you so you can be your own health expert, because gone are the days where you can rely on your doctors to take care of your health while you take a back seat.

If you get sick and old, one person who suffers is YOU....and those that love you.

Feel 20 Years Younger, Live 20 Years Longer

Imagine training with a Doctor of Physical Therapy - Masters in Nutrition, AND a Functional Medicine Practitioner!  

I'll get your body right, and teach to how to keep it that way so that you can go on to teach others to do the same.  

Does it feel the clock is ticking faster than you’d like it to?

Are you seeing people getting frail and sick around you……

and deep inside you KNOW it’s not what you want for your future.

As you get older, and your parents are aging, you see your folks suffer terrible diseases and discomfort.

It’s sad seeing the parent you looked up to and cherished as a kid suffer.

Witnessing their pain makes you fear for your own health.

Any of us can go from being so full of life to sitting looking out the window of a fancy assisted living facility. A place which is no more than a comfortable prison.

If you want to avoid this future and feel better the older you get, then read on and I’ll let you in on the secret to feeling your best.

Aging can be hard but it won't be for you.

Listen, I know talking about this kind of thing isn’t easy - no one wants to think about getting older.

But as a doctor and a human being it’s my duty to warn you and try to help you.

Your life doesn’t have to become a series of hospital visits, being talked down to by your kids and being treated like you don’t matter anymore.

You have to do something to take care of yourself now.

Time is against us.

As time goes by, your body is getting weaker.

Continue to ignore your health and you’ll join the sick people shuttling back-and-forth from the doctors or worse still, the emergency room


  • Struggling with getting up out of bed in the morning
  • Not being able to get up from your chair in front of the TV
  • No longer being able to enjoy traveling
  • Losing your dignity when you get stuck on the toilet or in the bath
  • Having to ask restaurant staff for a high chair because you can’t get up from low chairs anymore

Even if you’re enjoying perfect health now, the signs of wear and tear start to show up after 50.

It only takes one event to trigger ill health and destroy the quality of your life.

Once the first domino topples, the rest follow until total collapse.

Never let that first domino fall.

If you’re already sick more often than you used to be, this is the time to do something about it.

Trust me, I nearly left it too late and what happened next almost killed me…

What Can I Tell You About Overcoming A Terrible Disease That Can Destroy Your Health?

Every  Thing You Really Need To Know
To Age with Confidence

I’m going to give you the facts.

I’ll also hand you the key to curing yourself, plain and simple.

Be honest with yourself for a second.

Right now, as you sit here and read this, you know in your heart it’s now or never.

How many more chances do you think you’re going to get?

Listen, I know I’m being tough on you.It’s because I suffered from a terrible disease called Lupus which had me “at the cliff’s edge”…

It struck when I was attending a renowned Medical University.

I started suffering mysterious symptoms. Fatigue, rashes, severe weight loss…and pain that kept me from my course work.

I lost ALL confidence and hope.

I fell into severe depression.  I could barely summon enough energy to breathe in bed!  

I was a regular at the ER and hospital.

I was poked and prodded and given different medications which barely did anything to take my pain away.

From that dark place, I DECIDED that to help my body heal myself.

Anyway, I was on a mission for answers.

From Eastern healing to Western Medicine....I spent months studying everything I could get my hands on about natural healing.

To be honest, I didn’t know if natural healing was real.

All I knew was the pills I was taking weren’t making me better.

Plus, my medical training wasn’t curing me…which hit me like a ton of bricks.

Everything I learned as during my medical training, I questioned as a patient.

I was told I could die in 10 years.

Dr’s told me I couldn’t have children, and that I’d live forever in pain with the possibility of being bedridden.

I was told the answer was to take the many PILLS considered the “standard treatment” for my disease.

I knew I had to take a matter into my hands.  After all, it's my health.

Using what I discovered to cure myself, I’m going to give you the formula to rewind the years and feel 20 years younger…

My breakthrough has since been used to eliminate sickness in hundreds of my patients.

People who desperately wanted to get better, but were barely treading water with conventional medical advice.

Today, I am a proud mom to two wonderful boys.

I also run a successful functional medicine practice and yoga school where patients and students are becoming better versions of themselves and taking control of their health.

What I learned and now know, can help you get back to being fully in charge and thrive!

I'm thankful to my Lupus today.

Here’s why…

Manuscript of Ancient Chinese Healing Techniques Reveals

How to Breathe Disease Out of Your Body

Secret Methods Date Back Over Four Thousand Years - Harness The Most
Fundamental Life Force Known To
Eastern Disciplines

Being struck down with Lupus gave me a window to my older years.

It made me realize that looking good on the outside wasn’t enough.

Plus, fancy clothes, a great car and a healthy tan are nice, but if you’re in trouble inside, before long that sickness inside starts showing on the outside too.

Anyway, I’m going to let you in on the single most important step I took in curing the disease that stole my 20’s.

Though it may seem to simple, it was Yoga that transformed by health and got me back in the game and this is the best Yoga training in the world…

The 200 Hr Yoga Certification Program.

This program has the ability to take you from the brink of sickness back to total health.

Even if you’re already in poor health and feel like your best years are behind you...I can tell you that they are not!

And if you want to do something about it then this program is for you.

Anyway, when you take on the  200 Hr Yoga Certification with me, I’m literally handing you the keys to a longer, happier life, and to a lucrative business should you wish to teach Yoga.

If you wanted to, you could be getting paid while you bend, stretch and breath yourself better.

However, there are a few dangerous mistakes I need to warn you about first...

The 3  Common Mistakes Yoga Teachers Make that Result in Repetitive Injury and How You Can Avoid Them.

I’ve seen a lot of patients who already practice Yoga in my office in agony.

I’ve even had Yoga teachers bring their clients to me and in some cases, the Yoga teacher themselves ends up on my examination table!

Here’s why I see so many Yoga enthusiasts and teachers:

1) Learning Yoga from YouTube or Yoga Apps

Improper yoga poses puts you at risk for repetitive injuries.  

From shoulder injuries to low back pain, you're doing more damage than good. 

2) Being Taught Dangerous Habits During Yoga  Training

I’ve treated hundreds of Yoga teachers.

Yoga teachers come to me suffering with hips and joints that are no longer aligned and many other avoidable injuries.

The reason they are suffering these injuries is because they are executing poor form.  Common yoga teacher just doesn't understand proper alignment.

Yes! They were taught incorrectly and now they’re teaching other people the same stuff!  
I’ve seen Yoga teachers needing joint replacement surgery.

3) Learning From a 20 Year Old Who Can Bend Themselves In Half!

I see a lot of patients who injured themselves during Yoga when they’re following a class taught by a flexible, 20 something.

They’re teaching the wrong methods and usually aren’t thinking about the specific and unique needs of their students.

So inevitably, injuries happen.

These patients were all suffering when they walked through my door and onto my examination table

...but by learning my Yoga method they were able to recover.

Dr Connie Jeon’s 200h Yoga Certification Program:
A Sobering Message To Anyone Who Secretly Feels (Deep Down) That They Might Be On The Slippery Slope To Sickness - And Doesn’t Want To Take That Chance

Consider this buying more life.

I’m offering you the chance to snatch back YEARS you might have lost.

Honestly, your best days ever can be ahead of you.

You can be full of energy and experiencing the world at it’s fullest again.

Think about it, if you were in your final hours and the Dr offered you a few more days to spend as you pleased, how quickly would you say yes?

Don’t wait until it’s no longer an option.

Anyway, don’t listen to me. Listen to your body.

You’re already feeling aches and pains every day.

The pain is only going to get worse if you don’t do something about it.

This program is like breathing life right back into your body.

Utilizing the power of Yoga, you’ll experience a “rebound effect” as you spring back to life and start driving sickness out of your body.

As the days pass you feel yourself getting stronger.

Life is becoming easy again.

You are effortlessly moving through your day getting things done.

Without a care in the world or thinking about “if you’re up to the task” or if you’ve got enough strength today.

This program can also help if you’re:

  • Heavy around the middle
  • Feel like you’re out of control
  • No longer being able to enjoy traveling
  • Know you've neglected your health 
  • Are scared of what your future holds

If you’re experiencing any of these challenges, this program is the perfect step to reclaiming your future from the jaws of disease!

But here’s the best part…

How You Can Earn a Full Time Income
While Being The Boss

Your new knowledge is recognized worldwide as the “Gold Standard” of Yoga Certification.

It qualifies you to teach on any corner of the planet both group sessions and one-to-one’s.

Honestly, the price of this certification is too cheap.

There are many other certifications that are nowhere near as good that cost almost double.

I’m keeping the price low because my mission is to touch as many people as I can with what I’ve learned.

Anyway, Once certified you can be teaching Yoga anywhere in the world, and you’ll be in demand without a doubt.

Yoga is a $80bn industry worth $27bn per year in the US alone.

There are over 32m people already practising Yoga in the US so finding students is easy.

By completing this training with me, you’re getting a slice of that pie, and you could be making good money instructing.

In fact, CNN included Yoga teachers in it’s “Top 100 Careers” report and that report said the average earnings for a Yoga teacher is $62,400.

With numbers like that, this program can pay for itself.

Here’s how…

How To Simply and Easily Earn Back The Entire Cost of This Program With Just 3 Students

The program costs $3200 which is a steal compared to other Yoga certification programs which don’t come close to this training yet are more expensive.

With this program, you won’t learn dangerous habits other schools teach unknowingly.

This is the “Gold Standard” of Yoga Instruction.

Anyway, $3200 is an drop in the bucket for a longer, healthier life.

But here’s how simple it is earning back your investment as quickly as possible…

Consider this…

A one-to-one lesson costs $60-80.

Let’s use $70 for this example.

A typical client has between 10 and 20 one-to-one sessions.

So let’s go with 15.

15 sessions at $70 = $1050 earned per client

All you have to do is take on 3 clients you’re earning $3150 and are only $50 away from fully earning back your entire investment.

Plus, beyond that it’s pure profit.

With your new energy, you could be…

  • Enjoying a luxury vacation
  • Driving a new car
  • Even tackling the more physically demanding items on your bucket list

With this new knowledge, you are also injecting purpose back into your life.

You’ll be your own boss, helping others get better and you’ll be gaining a deep sense of joy.

The money is just a bonus, believe me.

Anyway, you’ll be feeling in control again as you are directing your future and restoring your health.

Better still, you can be earning as much, and working as little as you choose.

Here’s why you’ll be glad you chose to work with Dr Connie…

Why Should You Take Dr Connie’s Certification Over Other, Often Cheaper Programs That Offer Similar Training?

This is no ordinary yoga certification. After 24 years of yoga practice in various yoga styles and qualifying as a RYT-E 200 hr teacher, I dedicated my time to create the best yoga cert that I am proud of!

Not only is this program giving you access to the “Gold Standard” World Yoga Alliance 200 hour certification program, you are also getting my unique expertise right beside you.

This isn’t a distance learning program (though there are online modules), you’ll be meeting and working with me over 5 intensive, in-person sessions.

During these sessions, I'll physically SHOW you how your body should move and how you should feel.

That type of physical instruction is vital and can’t be taught online.

Sure, you can find Yoga certifications cheaper online.

There’s always a cheaper option, but you get what you pay for.

Plus, you should beware online schools who are “fly-by-the-night” operators.

They probably won’t be there in 18 months time and only care about getting your money.

With me, you get a real person, with a real physical practice in Georgia. I’ve been doing this over 20 years so I’m here to stay.

I’ll be here to hold your hand for as long as you need.

And my credentials mean I know what I’m talking about…

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner
  • Registered Licensed Dietician
  • Registered Yoga Alliance E- RYT 200 hr Teacher
  • Masters Public Health, Nutrition
  • Pilates Method Alliance Certified Teacher
  • Yoga Alliance School Founder
  • Baccalaureate of Arts in Psychology
  • Macrobiotic Counselor

Registered Yoga School

Registered Yoga Teacher

Certified Pilates Teacher

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Masters Nutrition

Eligible 2017

Registered Dietitian- Highest Level Training in Nutrition

The power in what I’ll show you the COMBINATION of this knowledge - That ensures that what you learn is good FOR THE WHOLE BODY.

The reason Yoga instruction can hurt students is because it doesn’t focus on ALL areas of the person.

My teaching ensures “all bases are covered” and that everything you do is designed to create an environment for the body to heal itself.

Here’s what my patients think of this unique approach to functional medicine:


This is what 45 should feel like for everyone. Although I’ve followed what is considered a generally healthy diet and exercise regimen for years, in the last 28 days I’ve made progress that I never thought would be possible. I would highly recommend this process to anyone looking not just for overall health, but also those looking to feel more alive and self-confident. I saw improvements everywhere - not just physically, but also in mental focus and an overall calm – almost a Zen type of experience. More specifically after 28 days, no high blood pressure, my levels of stress and anxiety were eliminated, and I no longer experienced acid reflux (eliminating the need for medications). I sleep better than I have in years, my energy has never been higher and my attitude is naturally more positive. More importantly for myself, I feel balanced both physically and mentally.

This definitively proves that what and how you eat drives your overall mood and performance. Dr. Connie is one of the best people I have encountered regarding overall health and wellness. Not only has she helped me to overcome years of physical injuries, but I can honestly say that I feel like I’m in my 20s. Even after the 28 days I continue to feel my best and see improvements.

If you are on the fence about whether or not to do this program, go for it. You’ll not only be healthier and feel better at the end of the program, but the knowledge and experience you will gain along the way will help you for the rest of your life. You’ll get so much more out vs. what you’ll be required to put in. It’s only 28 days – that’s just a few minutes compared to years of long term benefits. “

Chris D.


Joseph L.

My name is Joseph and I began my Alkaline Detox just under 2 months ago. I am amazed at the results. I came to Alkaline Wellness due to my chronic fatigue, lack of libido, musculoskeletal pain, high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, hypertension, and anxiety. I am a father of two, and when I got home from work, I used to just lay on the sofa and go to bed because I was so tired.

After the detox, I am down 25 pounds. I lost 4 inches in my waist and I went from a size 36 to a size 34. All my labs are normal. Normal cholesterol, no diabetes risk, no hypertension, and most importantly, I have so much energy after I get home from work, I am now able to play with my kids. I am full of smiles because I feel like a new happy man! My libido is back as well.

What is most impressive to me is that I no longer crave the bad stuff I was putting into my body. High sugar foods, fast food, junk food, and cigarettes are no longer enticing to me. In fact, my body refuses it, as I feel sick when I eat it. My bowels are regular now and my stomach discomfort is completely gone. I am utterly shocked at the benefits! My colleagues and friends are asking what I have done, and I am telling everyone that I found the Alkaline Solution!


Came to Dr. Connie about 3 weeks ago. After suffering for over a year with low back pain, severe tailbone pain, numbness & tingling & stiffness in hands, arms legs and feet. Had been to an ortho doctor, rheumatologist, 3 chiropractors, and a good physical therapist all to getting progressively worse. Took a chance after finding Connie on the web because she works on pelvic/tailbone problems. After 3 weeks I feel like I can get my life back. She is addressing all of my problems one at a time. She is professional, knowledgeable, respectful and thorough. I have resisted drugs for these problems and did not want a band aid fix. I have always been healthy and active and did not want to be an old lady hooked on pain killers. Some things Connie had to do to help me were uncomfortable and personal but she is so great in helping one feel comfortable and relaxed. She is dedicated to helping through drug free, strengthening exercises and many varied techniques. What a pleasure it is to feel almost normal again. Must add that I have complication of going through Lyme Disease treatment at the same time because it is hard to differentiate some symptoms.

Diane H.


Lindsay C.

First pregnancies are scary enough; but when your body isn't handled properly during delivery it can leave traumatic long lasting effects. I came to Dr Connie less than a week ago in agony from tilted hips and lateral spine damaged from a split pelvis during delivery. I was broken both mentally and physically. She listened, consoled, and evaluated me with kindness and a fine tooth comb. I left and spent the entire weekend 100% pain free chasing our toddler around. I felt human again for the first time in 3 years after her adjustment and dry needling. I feel even better today after my second consultation. Dr Connie has started physical therapy, and is preparing me for nutritional & supplemental support to get myself healthy in every way possible. I cannot sing her praises enough. Iam hopeful and forever grateful for her help. Chronic pain is scary, isolating, and exhausting. You won't regret seeing her!.

lifetime academy access included

Lastly, not only will you be given lifetime access to my online training academy.

The academy is updated annually, so you can continue to expand your expertise and keep growing. (And if you want to, you can raise your fees as you become more of an expert)…

There’s no additional cost for this either.

Everything is included in the $3200.

Not Already Doing Yoga? No problem…
(in fact, it’s better that you’re not…)

You can be a complete first timer.

In fact, this is better as you won’t have picked up any bad habits.

Even if you’ve been doing Yoga for some time now, we can fix those issues pretty quickly.

Bottom line, it doesn’t matter where you are starting from.

How Does The Program Work?

Dr. Connie's vast experience in Yoga is rooted in Bikram, Power, and Ashtanga (they’re different types of Yoga).

Dr Connie’s background is in human movement and dysfunction which means she knows how the body should move, and how to fix things when you’re not in your natural alignment.

This background allowed Dr Connie to carefully select 50 poses that will be the foundation for proper posture, functional movement, healing, and mindful practice.

Anyway, through the 50 poses, you will understand how the body should align, muscular function, and planes of motion.

You will learn to perfect these concepts in your own body as well as property training your students.

This is an easy to follow but complete program that will allow you to apply what you learned to different styles of Yoga like Ashtanga, Hot Sequence, Vinyasa Flow, and transitions that will allow you to properly coordinate poses for an exceptional and safe experience for your students.

What You'll Learn...

Module 1: Basic Anatomy & Physiology

In this module you’ll be introduced to the neuro-musculo-skeletal systems of the human body.   

You'll understand how the muscles move the bones, proper joint motion, and how the body moves dynamically.

You’ll understand the miraculous nature of your body and  how everything works together to keep you healthy.

Module 2: Applied Anatomy and Kinesiology

You’ll discover more about the Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal System, as how your body moves in space against gravity.  
I’ll also reveal the principles of Kinesiology which will show you how the body SHOULD move - An important understanding before you learn to practice or teach Yoga.

Module 3: Philosophy of Yoga

The final “preparation stage” before getting to the Yoga mat.   In this module you'll  learn the main philosophy of yoga, which is that the mind, body and spirit are all ONE  and cannot be clearly separated.  You'll learn about the importance of yoga history and philosophy and how we apply this on the mat and teach our students to do the same.   

Module 4: The Practice

I've carefully compiled 50 poses inspired by Bikram and Ashtanga and infused meticulous alignment and posture focus.

I’ll expertly guide you through some basic movements and slowly increase the intensity and complexity over time.

Time is spent to ensure you’re executing a pose correctly before moving onto the next one.

Module 5: Teaching Fundamentals 

In this module, I’ll teach you about proper class sequencing, special considerations for those with spinal, joint or chronic illenss, proper modifications to not only prevent injuries but help heal injuries.

Sequencing is simply choosing which poses and movements should be included in a lesson, and in what order.

This is very important to ensure both you and your students avoid injury.  

You'll learn all about proper modifications to keep your body safe and prevent injury.

You’ll also learn about cuing, which is choosing the right words so your students can “get inside their bodies” - something like “Breathe deeply and imagine the cool air relaxing every muscle throughout your chest”.

Module 6: Practicum Expectation

During this module, you’ll demonstrate your understanding by leading classes and teaching another student.  

This opportunity is used to guide you into being the best teacher that you can be  by creating an environment where you can explore your unique teaching style with my guidance. 

This is designed to make you feel more comfortable leading a class, while  addressing common mistakes. 

Module 7: Special Considerations

During this module, you’ll discover how to adapt your Yoga instruction, and even your own practice to accommodate injuries, physical limitations and people in pain.

Many Yoga instructors apply a “one-size-fits-all” method which does more to hurt people than it does help them.

As a “best of breed” Yoga instructor, you’ll leave knowing how to tailor your lessons to the needs of individual students.

By doing that, they’ll stick with you longer which is good for both of you.

Module 8: Self Introspection

During this  module, I’ll unravel an important, but often overlooked “key to success”.

Yoga isn’t just about the physical movements. Remember, “mind, body and spirit are one”.

Self introspection is where you’ll do “deep work” which is about exploring your current internal state and your beliefs.

Every change needs to be an inside job.

During this module, I’ll guide you through understanding what your current “internal narrative” looks like, and take you through the process of removing limitations and changing your life forever.

Module 9: Business of Yoga

During this final module, I’ll share my trade secrets to running a successful business.

Yoga can be a successful business, especially with your training with me.  

There are many people wanting you to show them the safe way to practice yoga for health and healing.

From finances, marketing​, business development, and various tools that you can use, you'll be making the ROI (return on investment) in no time at all.

Final Exam

The examination is where I’ll assess your level of expertise and your ability to teach Yoga as an instructor.

You’ll be very well prepared by this point, so there’s nothing to worry about.

The exam consists of both question and answer along with a physical demonstration.

After the examination, you’ll be awarded your Yoga Alliance Certification and you’ll be able to start teaching classes the very next day!

Timeline & Details

This yoga teacher certification program is divided into five modules and is designed so that students can engage in self study through the online training platform.

We will meet 5 weekends, Friday afternoon (3-8) through Saturday (9-5) 

  • 5/12-17
  • 6/16-17
  • 7/28-29
  • 8/11-12
  • 9/22-23
  • Scheduled Final Exam-Written and Demonstration
  • ** Subject to change 

What Equipment Do I Need?

All you need is a computer with an internet connection, Skype and a Webcam.

Everything else will be provided for you.

Take The First Step Towards A Breakthrough In Your Health, While Enjoying a Edifying Career 

The deadline for this certification program is 1st May 2017 and I’ll be taking a very limited number of people.

You can start to look and feel healthy and help others do the same.  There are less than 10 spots available, so if you think you might be interested, please sign up below.

There's no obligation whatsoever and clicking the button gives you the opportunity to either secure one of these few places or to request more information.  

You’ll get an email instantly that gives you the opportunity to talk with my office if you have questions or you can choose to submit a request to be considered for the program.

Send Me More Info!

This training will help you to tap into your creativity, find your own voice, and to give you the “confidence” to teach, educate, and inspire your students from a powerful yoga-healing foundation.

This training is appropriate for the serious student who would like to start teaching yoga, as well as the student who would like to deepen their own knowledge & personal practice. You will be transformed in mind, spirit, and body, and as a result, start to do the same for others. You will become empowered, confident, and most importantly, become an authentic version of YOU. I look forward to being the “guide” in your healing journey!

Dr. Connie Jeon